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Workouts can be a daunting and taxing task when facing it alone. However, pairing up with a partner, the workouts may be an enjoyable and fun task you will look forward to doing. There are more benefits when you work out with a friend than when working out alone. Exercising with a partner can increase accountability, spur better results, keep your spirits high and keep you motivated to achieve your workout goals.

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Partner Exercises

Sometimes, you may lack gym equipment, and your partner can be the all that you need to achieve a full body workout. Below are some of the best exercises you can do with your partner.

1) Partner pushes

This is a unilateral workout that improves shoulder, tricep and chest strength. If you don’t have weights or bands, it is an excellent move to work on your upper body and build core strength. To perform it, facing each other, you place your right-hand palm to your partner’s right-hand palm. Standing in a strong stance, apart far enough for your arm to stretch to your partner’s side and his should do so too.

Both of you then push into the other. Resistance should not be hard such that the other partner cant move. Partner A pushes the B’s arm back and that way A’s arm straightens. Then B pushes A’s arm back till it’s on their chest. With this slow and steady back and forth movements, the process is repeated over a period for a full workout.

The tall, straight posture should be maintained throughout the pushing and resisting. Also, After a period switch to the left palms, and shift between the arms.

2) Partner Pushup

This is like traditional pushups but your partner increases the resistance. Your partner creates more opposition by adding more weight to your upper back than when doing traditional pushups. This is to build up triceps, biceps and shoulder strength. You start by lying flat on your stomach, with pals on the ground in the lowered push-up position. Your partner stands over you and places his/her hands firmly on your shoulders or upper back.

Your partner creates some resistance as you are rising in your push up. Complete your reps until you are fatigued, then you switch positions.

3) Wheelbarrow Push-Up and Squat

This is a fun way to do pushups for one partner and squats for the other. Partner A lies on the ground in a plank position with his/her pals outstretched on the ground, arms straight, tight core and shoulders above wrists. Partner B is at A’s feet and lifts A’s ankles such that Partner A is now in the wheelbarrow position. Partner A lowers into the push-up, with his/her core tight, and legs and back straight. Partner B while still holding A’s ankles, lowers into a squat, while also keeping their core tight, back straight, and knees aligned with A’s ankles. As A rises up, B also stands. You should do this for around 20 reps then switch the roles.

4) Medicine-ball situps.

Sit-ups can be crunchy and quite taxing, but performing them with a friend can be fun. You both lie on the ground with your toes touching and your knees bent. Holding the medicine-ball with your hands, you rise to a sitting position and toss the ball to your partner. Your partner then will lower to the ground while holding the ball and rise back to a sitting position. He/she will then toss you the ball. You continue tossing the ball between the sit-ups. For an extra challenge, hold the medicine-ball over the head while doing the situps.

These firm up and strengthen the abdominal muscles, “six-pack” and reduce tummy fat.

5) High-Five Push-ups

Traditional pushups work the chest, shoulders core and triceps. Lifting a leg or an arm increases core activation and strengthening. To do this, you start in a normal push-up position, facing your partner with an arm’s length between you. You should lower and rise back up from a push up together. At the top of each push-up, extend your right arm and give a sideways hi-five. When you go for the next push-up, use the left arm this time.

Continue alternating the arms until fatigued or when you finish your reps.

Working out with your partner can be fulfilling and enjoyable. A great partner will push you harder past your limits and help you reach your workout targets. So whenever you are up for a workout session, pair with a partner and try some of the above exercises.